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  • Struggle with Consistency: 1 month up, 2 months down?
  • Lose more Trades than you Win: and keep standing still or worse go backwards
  • Want to change this: & Get consistent, get more Green than Red months 

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I am going to show you how you can use the 2 highly successful strategies POGO & BUGSY that we use in the Tribe of Traders, Yes  that's right I am going to give you the rules and show you the setups and give you exercises to gain a deep understanding of my strategies - because I believe that in these times we can do with all the help we can get!

Not only that - if you turn up and do the work and attend the coaching I am giving away some Fantastic prizes - but to qualify you need to show up and do the work.

What do you have to lose? What is the worst that can happen?
the 1 key ingredient of successful trading
2 highly successful strategies POGO & BUGSY with an average 83% success rate
Eliminate the 3 basic mistakes that keep most traders from being profitable.

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So what Results can I get from the  3 Day Genius Trading Program?
The fastest way to increase your trading results and join the growing number of successful traders in the Tribe.
Learn 2 super simple strategies with an average 83% success rate
Trade less than 30 mins a day
How to get these results and reach your target with only 9 - 12 trades per month
Eliminate the 3 basic mistakes 90% of traders make
Implement the 1 key ingredient to successful trading
How DOES THE 3 Day Genius Trading Program  WORK

Using only 30 minutes per day

  • Daily Teach Video: Each morning You will get a short teach Video
  • Daily Task: Action Steps for you to complete each day
  • Daily Laser Debrief Session: Live Q+A session to close out the daily mission
  • Private group: Share learning with fellow Genius Traders

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What's it like to be part of the Tribe of traders
I am the co-founder of Tribe of Traders. We empower traders to be consistently profitable through our unique approach to trading.

I work with entrepreneurialy minded people to become financially empowered so that they can have the freedom that wealth brings.

Having been an entrepreneur for over two decades, I’ve also studied and researched human potential during that time and it’s been my understanding of human behaviour that’s allowed me to create pioneering award-winning businesses and trade successfully.
And over these two decades I’ve learned what it takes to build wealth and there is ONE COMMON DENOMINATOR!

I have worked with thousands of people across the world to release their blocks to creating wealth in many areas including FOREX TRADING, so that they can have the freedom they seek.
And I would love to do the same for you.
When you are financially empowered – you can TRULY be empowered in life.

Bottom line is everyone DESERVES the FREEDOM that WEALTH brings...

So if you would truly love to truly UNLOCK your trading success then I urge you to join me in our next 3 Day Genius Trading Program.

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